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No one Likes Your Fries...

'Who decides what you like?' Vienna Tourism Board's new campaign shows how a brand can take back the reins, reframe its proposition and tap into a rich emotional vein.

The "Dear KFC, No one likes your fries..." campaign run by KFC and “Carlsberg tastes like a puddle of fetid cow’s piss” campaign run by Carlsberg... there's a bit of a pattern there...

3 things to learn:

1. The brand admits it's work in progress (not a finished product, but an evolving organism), while at the same time claiming back some control over the brand building process--a tall order in an omni-channel world...Tripadvisor, eat my Tyroelan hat!

2. The brand accepts they can’t go after everyone: "Meh, some people are not fans..." (an important part of positioning is understanding what you’re not), but at the same time it's going for more reach as it's getting on the radar of both fans and detractors...and those on the fence; a great example of reframing a proposition

3. The brand adores that successful brand building is not about persuasion: it's about emotion and it's personal, so 'Who decides what you like?'

(LinkedIn post 2019)


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