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Everything Changes

Everything changes. Even Singapore.

The Singapore where no one wants to make babies and prefers to make money in a job prescribed by gov’t policy rather than personal passion.

New The Straits Times & SSUS study paints a different picture of the future:

- S’porean 19yo: "Ultimately, you want to serve some purpose in the industry." 42% prefer a meaningful job to a well-paid one (17% )

- 80+% want to get married and have kids; the majority: before they're 30yo

- 81%: prefer consultative to paternalistic government

Interesting tidbits on mobile & social: 70+% spend at least 5 hours a day on their phone BUT...

OK TO DISCONNECT TOGETHER: "I think I could survive without my phone only on the condition that all my friends don't have their phones too, so I don't feel disconnected," says a 19yo.

NOT EVERYONE’S EQUALLY CONNECTED: "...individuals of a higher socio-economic status, usually display a sense of disinterest towards the relational aspect of social media... probably because they have other social resources," says Assistant Prof Saifuddin Ahmed, NTU.

(LinkedIn post 2019)


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