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Anti-Gorgeous, Anti-Cheap

無印 Muji Hotel now in Ginza (after Shenzhen & Beijing).

OK, makes sense to open a branded hotel, if you're in furniture and household retail. The slogan of「アンチゴージャス、アンチチープ」(anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap) is a little disingenuous, however, considering the property is in the poshest and most over-stated Tokyo neighbourhood. Does that mean it's mid-range? At least defining themselves as what they're not is on brand--in line with their 'no-brand' ethos.

The hotel is managed by UDS who're also running the brilliant Claska hotel in Meguro Good they've decided not to do it themselves: JP brands sometimes forget what their core competency is and try to go it alone. Surprised IKEA Group haven't done this yet...Oh hold on, they already have a hotel, in Sweden, and considering another...are they?

(LinkedIn post 2019)


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